Monday, April 11, 2011

Please, Clean Your Children

I fully intended on blogging about my son's new found love of not sleep in his crib converted daybed, but there are bigger issues out there that I wanted to address.

At 7:45 in the morning, I find myself looking around the class room at Bella's daycare thinking, "Really? Your child is dirty at 7am? WTF did you do on the way to daycare, drag your child by a rope attached to your car?" There is no logical reason your child is dirty besides the fact that you as a parent are lazy! 

Now I'm not talking about wrinkled clothes, mismatched outfits, or messy hair. That I can understand and that has a logical answer: dad must have dressed them that morning. The fact that the child made it to daycare dressed is an achievement in itself. 

We've all see this child before; runny nose with snot smeared on the face, dirt under the finger nails or toes, hair not styled.. hell it's not even brushed, and finally clothes that look as if they have never seen a washing machine.

What burns me even more about these little dirty children is when I actually get a look at the mothers. Miraculously, the mother has managed to apply her make-up, style her hair, and complete a fashionable ensemble! 

Let's be honest here. I hate mornings. And you know what I hate more than mornings?Morning people! However, I still manage to wake up early every morning to wash Bella's face, brush her teeth, and dress her with matching clothes, shoes & bow everyday! (Bath time is at night before bed) 

So get it together parents! And for the love of God, Please clean your children!

Today's Low: News of more devastation in Japan. My hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.
Today's High: My children and family are healthy and safe. It takes heartbreaking events like in Japan to realize that it's the simple things like health and safety that are the most important. 

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  1. I might look like shit in the morning, but you KNOW my baby is perfection! I feel you on the dirty kids!